Oralicious - A Tale of Sex

The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown

February 20, 2021 Tatiana Carrera Season 3 Episode 2
Oralicious - A Tale of Sex
The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown
Show Notes

;o) Hello P2 (P-Square) Listeners!!! As promised, here is the FREE ACCESS CODE: TATIPODFESTGLOBAL to attend the 2021 PodFest Global Summit for FREE. The Pre-Week kickoff starts on Monday, Feb 22, 2021. Yours Truly (Tati) is presenting at 4:30 - 5 pm (EST) to other AMAZING Podcasters. My topic: The Voice of The Pussy Shutdown, and I'm sharing  with my Podcaster's Audience, how to approach Controversial Topics . By utilizing the 4 C's that was formulated by Walt Disney.  The 4 C's are Curiosity, Confidence, Courageous and Consistancy. 

My Voice Matters, and everyone's voice matters especially as Podcasters. They are curious, confident, courageous and consistent in pursing and in sharing their amazing voices with their audiences. 

I was inspired by how the blatant attack on Women's Sexuality, from IG, You-Tube, Hollywood and the Technology Industry is barbaric, inhuman, misogynistic.  For over many decades, it has been, and still completely speared-headed by our ill-faded Patriarchal Society mindset.  Let's stop the CRACRA, and ask the question...Does the Voice of the Pussy Matter? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY it matters!

What is the The Pussy Shutdown:

  • Women's Sexuality is faced with double-standards and gender bias.
  • Women Sexuality is "heavily muted and outright banned."
  • When it comes to Women's Sexuality on Instagram, "they are known for their anti-sex // puritanical terms of service"
  • Hollywood has banned Oral Sex Scenes on women, and it was endorsed by the Motion Picture Association of America
  • The FDA rejected the Female Viagra
  • Women Sexual Libidos are a Myth
  • Women's Sexuality and Sexual Health is not that important.  

Tatiana’s talk is going to be covering controversial topics and how Podcasters can find their voice in those realms.  

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