Oralicious - A Tale of Sex


January 26, 2020 Tatiana Carrera / Elle, Egypt and Destiny of Rare Gems, Inc. Season 2 Episode 2
Oralicious - A Tale of Sex
Show Notes

What tale do you have about sex...because we all have a tale to tell about sex.  

My Freaky Friday "Group" episode is FINALLY here for you to enjoy!!! I found "3" women who was candid and transparent about their joys about having their pussy's eaten; by men who truly loved eating their Lotus Flowers.

You will meet and hear from "3"remarkable women from Rare Gems, Inc. They are GORGEOUS,  BADASSES and on the Who's Who of NYC Socialite scene. They set the standards of excellence when it comes to knowing what they want sexually, embrace it openly and wholeheartedly. And they tell their "OBM's" what they want, and what they are only allowed to do to them sexually...ORAL SEX ONLY!!! Fucking was NEVER an option or  allowed!

You guessed it..it's called "Open Buffet" (aka O.B.) which means that a few good men who got the opportunity to taste, drink the pussy juices, smell and enjoy a variety of different Lotus Flowers possibly at one time if they choose too.   

Elle, Destiny and Egypt of Rare Gems, Inc and the #1 NYC Socialites explained in simple  terms the definition of Open Buffet; and the Pass-off.

Elle (Queen of the Pass-off) - "Don't be a pussy...eat one!"
Destiny - "When he ejaculates...then I too must ejaculate"
Egypt - "To wake up and you're having your pussy eaten, this shit is sooo dope!" 

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