Oralicious - A Tale of Sex

Santa'a Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 12

December 24, 2019 Tatiana Carrera / Diddy 3AM Season 1 Episode 34
Oralicious - A Tale of Sex
Santa'a Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 12
Show Notes

(DAY 12) - Passion can’t be denied when you are performing oral sex on the penis (my passion) or the pussy. A great blow job or going down on your lady is all about passion and how you get lost while performing your action of love. That’s what oral sex and sex, period, is all about—what else fuels passion but love?

Puffy “Diddy” Combs (aka PDiddy) does just that . . . ALL the way in! With his fragrance ad, featuring his former hot, sexy girlfriend Cassie was steamy. Love it!!  It's 3AM... https://youtu.be/I5yW7ClH-uY 

Oral sex is a comforter, a soother, a relaxer, a fixer that gets you hot and ready to explode. The great thing about Oral Sex is that if you are not all the way in you are truly wasting your precious time.

Oral sex could never be on half-assed or as a teaser, because it is the one sure thing that will take you to the point of no return on your sexual climatic journey!

ALL THE WAY IN means no hesitation with:

Kissing – you should never peck your partner but passionately kiss your partner to heighten your sexual energy!

Foreplay – Just a simple hug and a simple touch of her breast or his penis is BORING!!! ALL your 5 Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell) should be on overdrive and fueling your sexual energy. When you look at your partner it should turn you on. The noise that you hear during your sexual escapade should get your juices flowing wildly. Tasting his or her lips, tongue, and saliva should be increasing your sexual energy. ALL 5 senses alive and active can fuel your pheromones into overdrive and set your previously timid libido on fire!

Igniting the Pleasure Journey – I love the sight of a beautiful, rock hard cock. My Pink Ice will start to melt as its hot pepper sensation soars. Touching, caressing, kissing, and licking a penis is joy to my pussy as the juices start to flow. You are the only person who can bring on the sexual excitement, because it’s your mind that must be open to sexual excitement ALL THE WAY IN, or you will lose out every time. Your sexual partner is there to help you get to the finish line, but you must be willing to run the race!

Most men and women love pussy because its addictive qualities want you to dig in deep, all the way in, until your dick and pussy is ambushed with wetness, oozing with tasty, delightful nectar. Oral sex is all or nothing because it warrants your focus, passion, intensity, and commitment to give you an explosive sexual appetite.

Good oral sex will constantly leave a lasting, deep, burning desire gene that makes you crave again, again, and again for this lustrous, delectable, and wonderful habit over, over, and over again.


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