Oralicious - A Tale of Sex™️ Podcast Artwork Image

Oralicious - A Tale of Sex™️

Tatiana Carrera

News flash! Sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and I find this SHOCKING!!! “We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush  this natural gift.” - As wonderfully stated by Marilyn Monroe. Our bodies are designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and one way is by sexual stimulation; which is natural. Having an orgasm releases stress and toxins from the body, again naturally. My Podcast, Oralicious – A Tale of Sex, will be an eye-opener that focuses on exploring our natural gifts through our SexSenses™️ (5 Senses:Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch & Smell), Kissing, Sexplay, Erogenous Zen™️, Passion and Sensuality. With you in mind, I want to shatter the glass ceiling, create healthy conversations about Sex, and dispel of the notion that Sex is a bad, foul, or a disgusting thing. Let’s stop the CRAY-CRAY! Case in point, Men love having their Penis sucked, that’s a fact and a must-have for 90% of men. And women want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey™️ of climaxing during sex too, by way of Oral Stimulation. We all have a Tale to Tell about Sex, so what's your Tale?